Chronic Disease Management Program

Our Disease Management Programs prevent and manage conditions specific to each individuals health care needs. This includes HTN, Diabetes, CVA, DVT, ALS, Asthma, Pneumonia, and Rehabilitation, Dementia / Memory loss and Parkinson disease.

caregiver discussing care planEach Chronic Disease Management Program features:

  • Information on the Disease Process
  • Symptoms and Risk Factors
  • Effects of the disease and how to manage them
  • Treatment and rehabilitation plans
  • Care Plan Oversight/Progress Logs
  • Medication Teaching, Logs, and Information Guides
  • Nutritional Teaching, Logs, and Information Guides
  • Family/Caregiver Teaching and Education Regimens
  • Patient/Caregiver Teaching and Education Checklists
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Disease-Specific Publications and Handouts
  • Disease-Specific Information Resources
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