Fall Prevention Program

elder assessing elderIn an endeavor to advance patient safety, we have integrated a Falls Risk Assessment into the home care admission procedure for all patients. Based on this assessment, the patient may be placed on the Falls Prevention Program. This includes teaching in safety in and around the home, recommendations for assistive devices as indicated and referral to other specialized disciplines as appropriate.

Our Fall Prevention program focuses on lowering the risk of injury and falls for patients that are at risk or who have fallen in the past. Our team approach consists of nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists that develop a plan to improve the safety, balance, coordination, and the ambulation of our at-risk patients. By preventing injuries and falls, our patients are able to safely remain at home.

  • Upon admission and continuously we perform a home evaluation and assessment with interventions when necessary to create safe interior and exterior environments.
  • Assessment by multi-disciplinary teams to assess diagnoses, medications, nutritional status and environmental issues that may put patients at risk for falls.
  • Our educational component includes thorough instruction of proper use of medical devices to prevent falls.
  • Review by Nurses, Physician and Pharmacist to evaluate medication side effects.
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