Hi-tech Nursing

hi-tech nursing equipments“Hi-tech Nursing” is medically necessary care for technology dependent individuals living with complex medical needs; exceeding the care provided by skilled nursing visits in frequency, duration, and complexity; outside the scope of practice of a home health aide or personal care attendant; and furnished to an individual in their home as an alternative to a hospital, nursing home or intermediate care facility.

Examples of high tech nursing may include:

  • Daily continuous or intermittent mechanical ventilation (via tracheotomy, BiPAP, or CPAP)
  • Tracheotomy and/or unstable airway requiring nursing assessment and intervention; a documented illness or disability, which requires ongoing skilled observation, monitoring and judgment to maintain or improve health status of a medically fragile or complex condition.

Examples of care or services not considered “high tech nursing” include:

  • custodial care
  • respite care
  • observational care for emotional and behavioral conditions
  • eating disorders or for medical conditions that do not require medically necessary intervention by skilled nursing personnel.
  • Use of a medical device alone does not qualify a beneficiary for high tech nursing.
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